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jedi training for bringing your creative endeavors to life

You've landed in the right place if you want access to paradigm shifting insights, a supportive community, and resources for becoming a more efficient, fulfilled, and effective creator—everything you need to overcome the fears, doubts, perfectionism, inability to focus, confusion, lack of direction, self-criticism, frustration, and uncertainty that stifles your ability to create.

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I pour my heart and soul into writings that dive into creativity, self-mastery, and all things related to creating dope stuff in the world.

refine your
creative skills



If you're hyped on creating something but feel stuck in any capacity or are needing some inspiration to move you forward, I offer 1-1 consulting to support you in bringing your creations to life.  

This 3 month program is a journey for cultivating self-mastery skills so that you can become a creative Jedi. CreatorShip is designed to give you the sauce that enables you to take ideas to execution faster, more efficiently, and more enjoyably. 


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What's up! I'm Jay. Aka, Mindfraime.


When I listen to my ego, it wants me to tell you all of the things I've achieved because it believes you will then see me as legit and want to work with me. It wants me to tell you I've worked with Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Facebook, Airbnb, and many high level executives, celebrities, etc. These achievements highlight my creative ability and capacity to create. But in reality, It's doesn't tell you who I really am.


So instead of telling you more of what I've done, I'm going to share who I be.  Because ultimately, I believe in divine orchestration and those who I'm meant to work with will feel that call in their belly and reach out to me. 

My ultimate goal is to become a real life Jedi by learning how to utilize creativity as an access point to connect with Universal Intelligence. My intention is to be guided by this Intelligence to realize my fullest potential and live the dopest life I can possibly live. I'm silly, I absolutely love to laugh and goof off whenever I can. I'm extremely present (most of the time), and I have a big heart. I'm a recovering people-pleaser and co-dependent. I love playing basketball and enjoy fucking with people, respectfully of course.


I haven't found a good photo of myself for this section so for now, you get to see the blond version of me! 

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